RaccoonIMG, the modular and decentralized image hosting service designed for durability. In a landscape of political correctness and censorship, we've recognized that many image hosts lack courage. Some are miserly, using costly storage while promising a free service to their users. And finally, some don't prioritize your privacy. We selected the name RaccoonIMG to playfully taunt those who are too timid to host the finest memes.

Much akin to the raccoon's nature, we refrain from cultivating an environment overly concerned with catering to those who are eternally sensitive. Should well-crafted memes cause discomfort, one might ponder why they engage in online spaces at all.


RaccoonIMG operates on the financial foundation of a substantial cryptocurrency reserve, augmented by a healthy dose of memes. This reserve is what facilitates the storage of images on the blockchain. While our centralized platforms might experience shifts or transformations over time, the images themselves remain steadfast, unaffected by external circumstances. You may notice a handful of advertisements on the site; these are furnished through referral links, compensating us for referred customers. Rest assured, we exclusively feature ads from companies we personally engage with and have confidence in their reliability.

Our values

We draw strength from a Christian foundation and hold a steadfast belief in the principles of free speech, which encompasses protection from government tyranny for all.


RaccoonIMG is fueled by servers procured from a diverse array of providers and dispersed across the globe, ensuring simultaneous access from various locations worldwide. All content is subjected to automatic and regular backups. This means that even in the event of our removal from the internet, we'll swiftly return. Our images find their home on secure storage blockchains like Sia and StorJ, as well as IPFS. Rendering them impervious to any disruptions experienced by this site. They're retrieved through our proprietary reverse proxies, hosted at 99Stack Cloud.

Decentralized storage

RaccoonIMG takes pride in employing an extensive range of decentralized storage technologies, including Sia, Skynet, StorJ, and IPFS. Each image we store is easily accessible through any portal and may be indexed by search engines beyond our centralized platforms. We utilize an s3-compatible front-end with an external cache to enhance loading speeds. Moreover, for added security, we maintain local copies of all content on our own cost-effective underground storage servers.


Our centralized front-end website employs Cloudflare solely for caching, aimed at accelerating loading speeds. We do not rely on any vendor lock-in features offered by Cloudflare. At any moment, with a simple switch, we have the capability to detach and operate everything on our own servers, should the need arise. The only downside to this approach is the potential for increased latency for users outside of Europe.


RaccoonIMG is a non political site; we have no allegiance to any political party or ideology. Jesus Christ is King, and we denounce all forms of degeneracy.

What would Jesus do

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