Terms of service

RaccoonIMG, the free image hosting site presented to you by advocates of free speech. Kindly adhere to the site's regulations concerning supported formats, maximum upload size, and quotas. Registering an account grants access to additional features and higher quotas. Ensure that images are uploaded to the appropriate category, and include SEO-friendly names and descriptions to enhance visibility on search engines.

Allowed images

All images are stored on decentralized blockchains or IPFS and delivered through s3-compatible front-end portals situated worldwide. No specific laws dictate the permissible content, as we can readily navigate around countries where certain memes may be prohibited. Nonetheless, there are some fundamental rules in place:

  • No child pornography or child abuse
  • No porn or other degeneracy, there are other (((sites))) for that
  • No spam or duplicates, avoid uploading very similar images multiple times
  • No commercial use, RaccoonIMG was made for individuals

Owner contact

RaccoonIMG is owned by Torsten Klein, Michael Becker, Christian Rodius, Reima Yli-Hannuksela, and Quinto Medrano Casanova. You can contact us via email at [email protected]. We read all emails, but may not respond.

Forbidden content (CSAM)

RaccoonIMG strictly prohibits Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM). We conduct routine scans using hashed lists to identify and automatically remove any known CSAM content.

Sensitive data

Utilize the conspiracy section for uploading sensitive data, such as leaked government documents, evidence of questionable business transactions, or conspiracies. These will be directed to more secure storage facilities and subjected to enhanced backup protocols. Please note that RaccoonIMG strictly prohibits the sharing of personal information and engaging in harassment of private individuals.

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